Wendy Monks – Reiki Master teacher, Karuna Master

Hello, just a little about myself, what I do and how I was drawn into this way of ‘being’.

I am fortunate to live in the beautiful area of North Wales which I and all my family appreciate. Although I have been aware of healing energies most of my life it was during a period in my life that I needed healing for myself that I began studying and searching for different methods and techniques. The more I learned, the more I found my hunger to learn grew. People then started asking me if I could help them, and have now practised as a therapist, counsellor and course facilitator for over 30 years. During this time I have also continued to experience, study and work with many mind, body and spirit techniques continually learning and expanding my expertise, I just can’t help it!   –  it fascinates me!

In the early 90’s I found Reiki – or should I say Reiki found me!  After completing  my training to become a Reiki Master teacher, in 1996 I went on to train to become a Karuna Master. Since that time I have run training courses in Reiki, workshops for further development of Reiki, and classes for Guided Meditation which also enhance your spiritual awareness.

I know that all my life experiences, even the most difficult   – in fact, especially the most difficult, have been opportunities to learn life lessons. Since accepting my gifts and purpose during this lifetime my path through life has become easier.  So the ‘University of Life’ along with spiritual knowledge that I have experienced and received over the years has enabled me to transform my own life, and by sharing this I hope it may help you if you wish to transform yours.